What Every Leader Needs Right Now to THRIVE in the Post-COVID Economy 
5 Part video training course offered by Dr. Gene Herndon 

Only $199.99

(plus $350 of FREE resources) 

The specific trends that have emerged and how to translate that for your ministry or business. 

Create revenue now in today's marketplace.

Radically change your marketing to connect with the hearts and minds of the new "CORONA" Consumer 

What is Included in this training... 

  • Five New Horizons of Crisis That You Must Navigate  

  • Predictions for the New Post COVID-19 World   

  • What To Do Right Now!  

  • The Key Questions You Must Ask Yourself to Reposition and Thrive 

  • Five Critical Assumptions You Must Avoid  

Additionally, you will receive the following for FREE 

COVID-19 Operational Security Briefing White Paper ($195 Value)

Leading in Times of Crisis Training ($147 Value)

Only $199.99

Hello Difference Makers!


Firstly, I want to thank all of you for being a part of the Leadership Uncensored Family. Thanks to you, we have over six hundred Business and Ministry Leaders from all around the world, and we are grateful for your support. We are committed to helping you with the Tools, Clarity and Confidence to Lead at the Next Level. 


I wanted to create this quick impromptu training. In this time of great distress and pandemonium, I wanted to remind all of you that this is a time where leadership is greatly needed. The world is in panic and we are called as leaders to help bring peace and settle the hearts and minds of those whom we serve—our customers, our donors, supporters, clients, employees, and whoever else you may lead. 

I wanted to spend some time helping all of you to understand that you were called for times like this. 


For the trained eye, times of great unrest are a time of great opportunity. Over half of the Top 30 Dow Companies started in times of great turmoil. This is a time to recognize opportunity and potential.


I am totally committed to helping you all navigate this time because I believe we are on the precipice of great divine wealth transfer; the likes of which this world has never seen.


To your success and for the Kingdom's…. #LEVELUP

Dr. Gene Herndon

CEO and Success Mentor 

Leadership Uncensored (GHM)

My name is Dr. Gene Herndon, or as I am called by many, Dr. G.

I am a Senior Pastor, Itinerant Minister and Conference Speaker, Thought Leader, Serial Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author, Publisher, Educator, and most importantly a devoted husband and father. As if that isn’t enough, I am always looking to expand our holdings and interests in business branding, marketing, consulting, entertainment, and beyond.

My entrepreneurial bug started early in life (in middle school to be exact). I quickly learned that sales and entrepreneurship set the path to economic freedom. I could control my income and not be limited to the 9-to-5 grind. It was a mission of mine to dispel the idea that time and money are directly proportionate to each other—because they certainly are not.

Having close to 30 years of experience, my executive background spans both domestic and international c-level business experiences, ranging from designing and launching startup ventures to corporate turnarounds. As an entrepreneur and corporate executive, I have acquired, built, and sold several businesses ranging from real estate and finance, to information technology. 

My voracious appetite for learning sparked a development journey early in my career that not only earned me a doctorate in divinity (D. Div.) but also easily cost over six figures in conferences, classes, and books on the the subjects of business and leadership. Having curated many principles and keys that I learned along the way allowed me to become known for my ability to successfully integrate the right strategies and tactics into well-executed operating plans, building strong teams and achieving superior results.

I firmly believe that a standard of excellence is the key to preeminence. As an industry leader, best-selling author, and ground breaking entrepreneurial expert, I have honed and evolved into a highly sought-after business, motivational and ministry conference speaker.

Every high-performance individual and organization has a coach 

Your Success Mentor