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Dr. Gene Herndon

As a mentor and coach to thousands of CEOs and business leaders around the world, Dr. Gene Herndon has helped them to establish and grow their organizations in the areas of business and/or ministry. 

He is not only a thought leader but an industry disruptor and serial entrepreneur. Not a theorist, but a practitioner. Currently sitting at the helm of a multimillion dollar portfolio of organizations has allowed him to become highly familiar with the many nuances and challenges that often can seem daunting to todays business leader.  

Having close to 30 years of experience, his  executive background spans both domestic and international C-level business experiences, ranging from designing and launching startup ventures to corporate turnarounds. He has been in the C-level of many multi-million dollar companies ranging from Information Technology to Real Estate Sales and Development. As an entrepreneur and corporate executive, he has worked for, acquired, built, and sold several businesses ranging from real estate and finance to information technology. 


Over the years he has spent a lifetime curating the most successful strategies from the greatest book ever written, the Bible, as well as from the top brands, organizations, and influencers around the world. The systems and strategies, if you will, are out of the playbook of some of the GOATs. Greatest Of All Time. From the best and brightest of top-performing organizations and businesses so that CLARITY and focus can come. Often times as we focus on the mundane we forget about the mighty. The true purpose behind why we do what we do and why.  It is truly his desire to help you gain the CONFIDENCE to not sin against your  talent and ability.  

He desires to provide pragmatic and valuable TOOLS to help provide leverage and increase effectiveness and efficiency in any organization.

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