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Take Your Business From Where You Are To Where You Want To Go

Start Here 
Start Here 

Helping You Avoid 

Wallet ache
Experience the joy of having the confidence to be a better leader and dominate your marketplace.

Thrive in today’s competitive market

by making the right decisions and spending wisely to create maximum impact for every hard-earned dollar spent, extraordinary entrepreneurial success.

This incredibly powerful experience will reduce stress and anxiety. It will equip you to meet the demands and challenges of emergent growth. 

In today's world, people are making the decision to finally live their dreams and follow their passions to start their own businesses. By the droves, there are many quitting their jobs to step on the rollercoaster of entrepreneurship. Being a leader or entrepreneur is difficult all by itself but to add the desire to be intentional is a whole other level of complexity. There are many challenges and nuances to being a business owner, many I have had to overcome in my over two decades of experience. CBX (Catalyst Business Xccelerator) is a one-day event delivered by Dr. Gene Herndon that has reduced the many lessons learned over decades of trial and error into powerful tools necessary to be successful in your business. It is time to take action, to dare to dream, and to create a life of financial abundance.



There are proven methodologies to Growing beyond Six Figure.

  • The 8 systems you need to Win.

  • The 4 Key Entrepreneurial Skills you must master.

  • Sales hacks that will Ramp Up Quickly and Grow Profits exponentially.

  • How to Grow your Business beyond your schedule, with greater Results and Less Effort.

  • Hiring Elite Team Players in any market.​

…And Much More


I will examine the 5 stages behind 7 figure growth.

I will reveal what it takes to scale beyond your wildest dreams and more importantly how to maintain it. 


I will also give you the keys I have personally used to scale beyond double-digit growth year over year.

What is CBX

You Will Learn

Here's How

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The Results

Gillespie, Matia.jpg
facebook five star DB_edited_edited.png
facebook five star DB_edited_edited.png

“Since implementing the business principles I learned at the LU Conference, I have almost tripled my earnings, and what I've made in a month before, I make in a week. I finished the month hitting an all-time record in orders.”

M. Gillespie, CEO/Retail

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facebook five star DB_edited_edited.png
facebook five star DB_edited_edited.png

“LU works. My first time here, I had an idea and a tent. This is my third time at the LU Conferences, and now I have a food trailer, a store, and ten employees.”

C. Rivera, CEO/Restauranteur

Ronk, Wendyjean.jpg

“I have made more this year than I did all of last year by taking these precepts you have given us and putting them into action.”

W. Ronk, CEO/Realtor

facebook five star DB_edited_edited.png
facebook five star DB_edited_edited.png
Helderman, Missy.jpg
facebook five star DB_edited_edited.png
facebook five star DB_edited_edited.png

“In June, I started implementing that idea, and The Bra Market is now projected to make an additional $60,000 a year! All it takes is one small adjustment!”

M. Helderman, CEO/Retail

Stuard, CJ.jpg
facebook five star DB_edited_edited.png
facebook five star DB_edited_edited.png

“One of the most valuable segments was the VIP Sessions with Dr. Gene focusing on sales and how to scale. I have 3X as many clients now.” 

C. Stuard, Pastor & CEO/Finances

Jones, Felicite.jpg

I recently walked away from my 15+ year career in confidence because of the tools I’ve gained at the LU conferences."

F. Jones, Entrepreneur

facebook five star DB_edited_edited.png
facebook five star DB_edited_edited.png
Scott, Troy.jpg
facebook five star DB_edited_edited.png
facebook five star DB_edited_edited.png

“What normally takes a team 12 months to accomplish took us only 3 months. Making us the 1st and only team to have achieved this remarkable honor and so quickly in the 50+ year history of the organization. We credit this success to Dr. Gene Herndon and his team at LU.” 

T. Scott, Entrepreneur 

SG Three Ideas.png
facebook five star DB_edited_edited.png
facebook five star DB_edited_edited.png

“Today, you gave me three ideas. And it's going to produce 5X more than what I paid for this class.”

S. Garcia, CEO/Automotive

Delfin, Jordi.jpg

“Our sales numbers have gone up increasingly, about 35% more..."

J. Delfin, CEO/E-Commerce

facebook five star DB_edited_edited.png
facebook five star DB_edited_edited.png
Eatmon, Chandler.jpg
facebook five star DB_edited_edited.png
facebook five star DB_edited_edited.png

As a freelance graphic designer, it can get pretty competitive, and I would say what gives me the advantage is being a part of the LU Conference. Everything that has been taught is two-fold for me. On one hand, it reveals to me what my competition is lacking, and on the other hand, it’s teaching me what I can apply to really excel."

C. Eatmon, CEO/Graphic Design


Hilton Phoenix Airport

2435 S. 47th St., Phoenix, AZ 85034

(480) 894-1600


Time and Date 


Registration 7:00am

Starting @ 8:20 am, and we will finish at approx. 6 pm 

The VIP Package 

  • VIP Preferred Seating

  • August 18th, Additional Q&A @ 6pm-7pm

  • Additional Advanced training @ 8:30 am  

  • Registration 7:15am

  • 7:30 am Breakfast

  • Training session @ 8:30am - 10:00am 

  • Additional Q&A till 12:00pm 




Frequently Asked Questions


You may be thinking to yourself: 


I’m too busy.

​”An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Benjamin Franklin


Yeah, but, will this be relevant to my industry?

The principles and keys you receive are not industry-specific, but success-specific. 


Can I afford this?

We know that money is a precious resource. One idea that we will be sharing profited $18,240 in just a few months. While we can't guarantee that same result for you, by doing the quick math you can certainly see that there is a strong upside that makes this masterclass a great investment.  Also, please review the guarantee that we do offer below. 


How is this different from other training?

This is not a personal development seminar (no sitting around the campfire hugging and finding yourself). It will be like an MBA in a day. This is a hard-hitting rapid-fire pragmatic Business training masterclass chocked full of leadership gold. The purpose is to take your productivity and business to the next level. 


Is my business too small for this?

Only if you want it to stay that way!

More Frequently Asked Questions (Click Here)



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Dr. Gene Herndon is a prolific bestselling author of 12 books including LeaderSHIFT.  He is also a mentor and coach to thousands of CEO’s and business leaders around the world, a senior pastor, conference speaker, and serial entrepreneur who has executive experience ranging from information technology to real estate. Dr. Gene is not only a spiritual thought leader but an industry disruptor and serial entrepreneur. Not a theorist, but a practitioner. currently sitting at the helm of a multimillion dollar portfolio of organizations has allowed him to become highly familiar with the many nuances and challenges that often can seem daunting to todays business leader.  

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YES, I am personally offering a guarantee!

GUARANTEE: If by lunchtime, you don’t see how you can at least a 2x (double your income) you can hand in all your materials, enjoy a free lunch on us, excuse yourself for the remainder of the day, and we'll reimburse the entire fee. But wait; there is more. We are so confident that we will also give you a $25 gift card to cover your gas. And if you flew in to be with us, present your flight receipt and we will provide you with a $200 Gift card to offset your travel expense.

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