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When you join the Leadership Uncensored team you get to...

Work with an

Elite Team

of Extraordinary People

Join the

Global Mission

to Influence Influencers for the Kingdom

Flexibility to


What Matters

Essential Functions

    • You will help develop strategy and execution across multiple business units.

    • Research, Manage and Prepare for key projects and initiatives as directed by the C.E.O of the organization.

    • Plan, Facilitate and Coordinate Speaking Engagements, Conferences, and Travel Details.

    • You will create and continually optimize systems to generate efficiency in our businesses and utilize industry “best practices” to grow.

    • You will help oversee the day-to-day operations of more than 100 volunteers and paid staff.

    • Work directly with the C.E.O every day and become my most trusted ally in our mission.

    • Provide tactical support and help with a variety of special projects.

    • Ensure that Initiatives/Outcomes/Deadlines on projects are met, goals are exceeded and timelines are adhered to.

    • Arrangements, Tasks, and Details are Clear, Accurate, and Strategically planned.

    • Communication is always C.E.O Level- Complete, Early, and Often.

    • Actionable Items are followed up on independently without being reminded.

    • Needs are anticipated when they are important before they become urgent.

    • Keep the C.E.O’s path clear of nonessential tasks and decisions so that I can focus 80% of my time doing what only I should be doing.

Our Ideal Candidate has to have an ability to anticipate needs and always be 5 steps ahead, our Executive Support team diligently serves our founder using their superb administrative skills. By guarding their time, and helping them stay focused, these elite Executive Assistants free up our leader to do what they do best—lead our company to new heights.



        • Our mission EXCITES you.

        • You are Hungry & Eager to learn, and grow.

        • You have Weird, Almost Freakish Love for the details and making a significant impact in the world.

        • You find it thrilling to see the Effects of your contribution.

        • You are Flexible and Resilient when faced with rapid-fire demands on your attention.

        • You aren't Afraid to voice your own opinions to make something better.

        • You are proactive, forward-thinking and have the ability to "Think on Your Feet”.

        • You have High Standards for your work. Details matter to you! Results matter to you! Excellence matters to you!

        • You are a Highly Motivated Self-Starter and Quick Learner… you have a “figure it out” attitude about any new project or task you haven’t done before. We don’t do hand-holding.

        • You get pumped about Problem Solving and have excellent team collaboration skills.

        • You are invigorated by the constant change of a high-growth organization with bold and audacious goals #90million.


Desired Experience/Skills

  • 3+ years dealing with complex and high level initiatives from Senior Leaders.

  • Excellent writing skills, strong verbal and interpersonal communication skills.

  • Ideal candidate must be mature, experienced, and extremely detail oriented.

  • Ability to handle multiple tasks with quickly shifting priorities.

  • Apple experience preferred.

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