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“Everything! It was preparation for all levels of business. Just getting started taking over a business or already running a successful high-profit business. Wherever you're at, you can benefit.”

S. Valenzuela


“I loved the clarity and actionable items provided in the abundance of information delivered. Dr. Gene unknowingly gave me permission to play full-out and pursue my goals. Take the change and bet on yourself, you will not be disappointed.”

F. Lynch


“I would say/ask a few things: Do you believe there's a purpose for your life? Does that involve you being in business? Then you will be blown by what LU gives as tools. Get to that which God has purposed for your life.” 

Y. Tadesse


“The event is really like they tell us, it's that MBA in a nutshell. Things that I never really expected from the class, I was able to pick up and apply. I would describe this as truly a masterclass for anyone from beginner to advanced. It gives you the tools that you need to build."

M. Helderman


“You've got nothing to lose! I walked through these doors not knowing what to expect but I did know that I was going to walk out confident, prepared, and fully educated to take on anything. The essence of developing a business comes with a lot of responsibility, you would always have a strong educational foundation to stand by.” 

J. Delfin


“The simplicity of putting the puzzle together. Dr. Herndon created a simple business roadmap that will guide you in your day-to-day business operations for success.”

K. Bonadie


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