Christian Business Xccelerator
Final Details

Below, you will find helpful information as you prepare for our time together.



We are expecting cooler weather with highs of 71° F and lows of 49° F.

Inside the venue may be cold, so please keep that in mind while packing. You may want to bring an extra layer.


If you’re coming into the Phoenix airport, there are plenty of taxi services available.

We highly recommend using Uber or Lyft ride-sharing programs.

There is a special ride-sharing location outside of the airport that’s easy to access and will quickly get you on your way to the Sheraton Crescent Hotel.


Sheraton Crescent Hotel

Address: 2620 West Dunlap Avenue, Phoenix, Glendale 85021

Phone(602) 943-8200


The dress code for our time together is “prosperous casual.”

You will be with other influential CBX members, so you will want to look your best while still comfortable during your intense learning experience.

We will take a group photo before lunch on Friday.


Hint: You may want to choose your favorite outfit for this day!



Please plan to fuel up with breakfast on your own for Friday, though we will provide a nice morning break station with light breakfast foods on Friday and a full breakfast will be served on Saturday prior to the VIP Session. Lunch will be provided on Friday, and we will provide snacks at our break stations on Saturday for the VIP Session. 


For those of you who have particular dining restrictions or needs, please inform us as soon as possible as we will make sure that you are accommodated.


Registration will be held on Friday, beginning at 7:30 AM.

Please bring your photo ID for registration.




Christian Business Xccelerator

March 11th & 12th, 2022

Friday, Mar 11th, 2022:

7:30 AM-7:00 PM

(Session in The Crescent Ballroom C)

7:30 AM: Registration Open for All Members 

8:05 AM: Housekeeping & Introduction 

8:50 AM: Break 

9:00 AM: Session Begins 

10:30 AM: Break

10:40 AM: Session  

12:10 PM: LUNCH TOGETHER + Photo Shoot (20min)

1:40 PM: Session

3:10 PM: Break

3:20 PM: Session

4:50 PM: Break 

5:00 PM: Closing Session 

5:40 PM: Q&A Session (for VIPs Only)

Saturday, Mar 12th, 2022: (for VIPs Only)

7:30 AM-12:00 PM

7:35 AM: Registration Open for VIP 

7:45 AM: Breakfast is served 

8:30 AM: Introduction & Housekeeping 

8:35 AM: VIP Session Begins

9:55 AM: Break  

10:05 AM: Q&A Session 

11:30 AM: END