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LeaderSHIFT Masterclass



You’ll want your partner, spouse, key leader, vendor, or VIP client with you.

There are a few reserved seats saved for this purpose (but they will go quickly).

Contact your CSM to discuss adding them immediately.










Q: Where is LeaderSHIFT Masterclass hosted?

LSM will be hosted at Hilton Phoenix Airport There is no better setting for our immersive experience than being away from the hustle of everyday life. You will LOVE this place!


Address: 2435 S. 47th St., Phoenix, AZ 85034


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Q: Whom do I contact about booking a hotel room for the LeaderSHIFT Masterclass event?

You may contact the Hilton Phoenix Airport directly at (480) 894-1600

to book your stay. 


While we highly recommend staying on-site, there are also a number of other hotels in the local area, including the Crowne Plaza Phoneix Airport, Courtyard by Marriott, and DoubleTree Suites. A number of other properties are a quick drive or Uber away from the Hilton Phoenix Airport.


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Q: What is the schedule for our time together?

You will receive a detailed logistics letter in the days prior to your session.
For flight and travel planning purposes, please utilize the following outline for guidance:

Day 1 — 7:00AM (Registration)- 6PM
Day 2 — VIPs, please plan to be on-site at the Hilton Phoenix Airport starting at 7:00 am until 1:00 PM 


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Q: What are the topics to be covered at LSM?

Here is what will be covered…

  • Generating MORE leads and higher ticket sales

  • Proven secrets to INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY and create more time

  • How to position your business to maximize GROWTH and marketing

  • Building an elite HIGH-PERFORMANCE team

  • And Much More!


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Q: How long should I plan to stay on-site?

If you are flying in, you want to arrive the day before the Masterclass. We start early on Day 1. Also, keep in mind if you’re a VIP, plan to be there through Saturday afternoon to take part in our special sessions exclusively for you.


This is a highly-intensive experience for you and your business, so we recommend staying on-site an extra evening after the Masterclass concludes if you’re able. This is extremely helpful to organize your action plan more before heading back into normal life.


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Q: How should I dress for the event?

The dress code for our time together is what we call “prosperous casual.” You will be with quite an influential group. We will also be taking portraits so you will want to look your best, but still be comfortable during your intense learning experience. Cell phones, laptops, and tablets are not a part of the attire for this event, so we ask that you leave them in the car or your hotel room. If you need to give out an emergency contact number, then please use the number for the hotel's front desk: (480) 894-1600


And finally, dress with layers. The venue can get chilly at times.

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Q: Will a meal be included so I can connect with other Masterclass members personally?

Yes! This is a big part of the Masterclass experience. Lunch on Day 1 is included for all LeaderSHIFT Success  Masterclass attendees to allow for time to share experiences and ideas.

VIPs will also take part in a special breakfast the day after.


How can I join VIP?

Please Contact Your CSM @

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Q: What do I do if I have certain dietary restrictions?

Please let your CSM know as soon as possible. The Hilton Phoenix Airport has very fresh and healthy ingredients available (and tasty, too!). We are confident you will be highly satisfied with the menu options during our time together.

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Q: What is the VIP experience? Would I benefit from that too?

Please contact your CSM ASAP if you'd like to join this session as a VIP. We have limited spots available.

All of our Masterclass attendees are important and extraordinary human beings, no exceptions. At the same time, the VIP experience is always the highlight of these sessions for those who choose to step up and go all-in.


This is an excellent environment for you to get some personalized coaching from Dr. Gene directly, our Elite Team, and other VIPs who have stepped up to deem themselves as VIPs. This is the group you want to be connected to. You will make long-lasting friends and business allies with the special people of this group.


You’ll have a color-coded name badge so you can easily identify fellow VIPs.

You receive a first-priority seating selection during the Mastermind sessions.

We will host a private breakfast exclusively for the VIPs during the experience.  

At the conclusion of the LeaderSHIFT Masterclass, the VIP group will have an exclusive Q&A session with Dr. Gene.


The VIP group also receives some REALLY special gifts.

We can’t tell you about them now—that would spoil the surprise!

Let’s just say they are worth WAY more than the VIP upgrade investment.


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Q: Yes, I want to be a VIP! What do I need to do?  

These seats always go quickly! Reserve your VIP experience, or get on our VIP waiting list with your  


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Q: This is a significant investment for me and my business. How do I best prepare for this experience?

We will send you some materials in advance to prime your mind for this intensive day-long session. Be ready to put your email auto-responders on to truly check-out of the office and be fully present during the Masterclass.


Your team is counting on you to be fully present at the Masterclass so you can take back all of the information and ideas to your team. Prepare yourself mentally to GO ALL IN! Oh, and if you’re not tuning into M4 Leadercasts every Monday morning, we highly suggest you start ASAP!

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Q: How many people attend the LeaderSHIFT Masterclass?

Space is limited for this exclusive group. We reserve seats for a total of 50 attendees with 40 of those as VIP seats. 

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Q: I want to bring a colleague with me. Do we receive discounted memberships?

Each and every attendee of the Masterclass must be equally invested in the training. There are no discounts to ensure that this shared experience is valued and valuable to all attendees. However, if you would like to bring a group, please contact your CSM and they will see if you qualify for any discounts. 


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Q: My spouse, children, and/or family pet(s) are traveling with me. Can they join me?

Your spouse and children are welcome to travel with you; however, Masterclass sessions are for attendees only. 


The good news is you’re in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona, and there’s plenty to see and do!

Due to the significant investment of fellow Masterclass attendees and the high-intensity of the event, please make proper arrangements for children and youth. Only Masterclass attendees are permitted inside the LeaderSHIFT Success Masterclass sessions.


While the A-Team loves children and animals, we cannot allow either inside the LeaderSHIFT Success Masterclass event. The only exception to this is a service animal. Pre-register your service animal with the venue to avoid delays in your admittance into the venue. If this applies to you, please let your CSM know in advance so we can make proper arrangements with the venue.

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Q: I need to change my payment information on file for future installments. Whom do I contact to do so?

For any Masterclass payment-related questions or issues, please reach out to your CSM. 

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Q: I can’t make it to my scheduled session and need to cancel my seat. What are my options?

Once Attendee registers for the Seminar, we make extensive arrangements and investments while anticipating their tuition and attendance, and, in the case of their cancellation, we incur significant administration hassles, expenses, and loss of business. Given this fact, we do not accept cancellations or issue refunds. Again, this is due to the extremely limited seating for an event of this nature. If you are unsure of whether or not you can attend the event, do not register. If you have questions about these policies, please contact your CSM Customer Success Manager!

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Q: What if I attend and am not completely satisfied?

If by lunchtime, you don’t see how you can at least a 2x (double your income), you can hand in all your materials and notes, enjoy a free lunch on us, excuse yourself for the remainder of the day, and we'll reimburse the entire fee.


But wait; there is more. We are so confident that we will also give you a $200 Gift card to offset your expense.

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Q: What restaurants are on-site?

There are plenty of options to take advantage of for dinner while on-site at the hotel. This hotel is situated in the Phoenix area and has many dining options including the on-site restaurant and just a short drive away Stockyards Steakhouse, Little Miss BBQ, and many more.

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Q: What else is there to do in the area?

You happen to be in America’s 5th largest city! Set in the north of Phoenix, The Hilton Phoenix Airport is near malls, restaurants, sports venues, museums, hiking areas, theaters, and cultural attractions. Take advantage of Phoenix’s sunny weather with an afternoon at the Desert Botanical Garden, on a golf course, or shopping at the Arrowhead Mall. Kids will love a day at Castles ‘n Coasters, the Phoenix Zoo, or SixFlags Hurricane Harbor waterpark. There is a wonderful concierge at the hotel that can help direct you. You also have Dr. Gene’s Team to help, as many of them are Phoenix Residents!

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