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LeaderSHIFT Success Masterclass 

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250+ Strategies To Take Your Business Or Ministry To The

Next Level 

There aren't any Secrets to Success, only Systems and Strategies.

Reading this page could be one of the best investments you could ever make.

Start Here 
Start Here 

A Masterclass With The Timeless Iconic Strategies And Systems To:

  •  Waste less time

  • Accomplish your goals faster 

  • Create a legacy for your children 

  • Moving further faster 

  • Growing your business to atmospheric levels and build an iconic brand


… while balancing it all 

You don’t need a business plan….

You need a customer plan! 


W. Ronk

“I have made more this year than I did all of last year by taking these precepts you have given us and putting them into action.”

What Others Are Saying 
C.R. Idea and a Tent.png

C. Rivera

“LSM works. My first time here, I had an idea and a tent. This is my third time at LSM and now I have a food trailer, a store, and ten employees.”

C. Rivera


L. Klines
CEO, Retail

"Applying what I have learned at LSM has caused my sales to triple! My inquiries from larger weddings and established businesses have skyrocketed." 

M. Gillespie
CEO, Retail

“Since implementing the business principles I learned at LSM, I have almost tripled my earnings, and what I've made in a month before, I make in a week."

MH Marketing .png

M Helderman
CEO, Retail

“Since attending the first LSM01 in 2019, The Bra Market's overall sales have gone up over 50%” 

Testimonial Videos

What is LSM?


LSM (LeaderSHIFT Success Masterclass) is a by-invitation-only masterclass delivered by Dr. Gene Herndon.


This one-day invitation-only event will give you and your team members advanced marketing principles from the secret playbooks of top organizations to boost sales and scale your business, in an intimate and personal setting. We will introduce you to the top strategies not only of some of the greatest organizations in the world but also from the greatest book in the world— The Bible. The purpose is to take your productivity, business, and ministry to the next level. This is not a personal development seminar (no sitting around the campfire hugging and finding yourself). It will be like an MBA in a day. This is a hard-hitting, rapid-fire, pragmatic business training masterclass chocked full of leadership gold for Corporate Visionaries, Superachievers, Business and Ministry Leaders like you.


I have curated some of the best ministry principles and business practices from some of the best kingdom-minded thought leaders in the world, from over 25 years of research, thousands of dollars of workshops and conferences, and a dozen books I have written and hundreds I have read, to include what I believe is the most important book of all… the Bible. I also include practical applications from more than two and a half decades of entrepreneurial experience and over 15 years of ministry.  After all, I am an actual practitioner and not just talking about theory. You deserve a proven and respected guide to get you from where you are to where you want to be.



Sheraton Crescent 

2620 W Dunlap Ave, Phoenix, AZ, 85021

(602) 943-8200


Time and Date 

December 3rd  

Registration 7:30am

Starting @ 8:15 am, and we will finish at approx. 5:30 pm 

The VIP Package 

  • VIP Preferred Seating

  • December 3rd, Additional Q&A @ 5:30pm-6:30pm

  • Additional Advanced training on December 4th @ 7:45 am 

  • 7:45 am Breakfast

  • Training session @ 8:30am - 11:45am 

  • Additional Q&A till 1pm 



“I loved that there is something for everyone. It doesn't matter if you are just starting or if you have been in business or ministry for years. This conference will take you to the next level, and the next, and the next.”

C. Hau

“Mind blowing! Forever altered, applicable information, one just isn't enough, you just have to keep coming. I am now a business owner because of this conference.” 

L. Klines


“I loved the fact that I could attend this class while awaiting "my" business idea. Having a trustworthy community of people able to help me find my niche and stop settling. The content taught in the class related to the beginner and the most advanced leader. Also, Dr. Gene gives you steps so you do not leave asking where to begin. It's clear.”

F. Lynch


“My business is a testament to what God can do and how LSM applied is effective. LSM equals results and will increase your sales.” 

C. Rivera 


“The fact that he took all the seminars he, Dr. Gene, attended and put together a syllabus, teaching, and instruction manual for possible entrepreneurs of all ages and backgrounds to use and prosper with. It is genius-as he is-(Making and Keeping leaders!).”

D. Hollrah


“The amount of clarity and simpleness in moving-forward to establishing a business and maintaining w/out running yourself into the ground. The information will be useful and priceless in continued growth.”

M. Lozoya


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  • INCREASE YOUR PRODUCTIVITY and create more time 

  • Generate MORE leads and higher SALES

  • FULLY FUND your Ministry

  • Learn the top secrets from the private playbooks of the top organizations in the world to position your ministry or business to maximize GROWTH and marketing

  • Build an elite HIGH-PERFORMANCE team that produces results


Frequently Asked Questions


You may be thinking to yourself: 


I’m too busy.

​”An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Benjamin Franklin


Yeah, but, will this be relevant to my industry?

The principles and keys you receive are not industry-specific, but success specific. 


Can I afford this?

We know that money is a precious resource. One idea that we will be sharing profited $18,240 in just a few months. While we can't guarantee that same result for you, by doing the quick math you can certainly see that there is a strong upside that makes this masterclass a great investment.  Also please review the guarantee that we do offer below. 


How is this different from other training?

This is not a personal development seminar (no sitting around the campfire hugging and finding yourself). It will be like an MBA in a day. This is a hard-hitting rapid-fire pragmatic Business training masterclass chocked full of leadership gold. The purpose is to take your productivity, business, and ministry to the next level. 


Is my business too small for this?

Only if you want it to stay that way!

More Frequently Asked Questions (Click Here)



YES, I am personally offering a guarantee!

GUARANTEE: If by lunchtime, you don’t see how you can at least a 2x (double your income) you can hand in all your materials, enjoy a free lunch on us, excuse yourself for the remainder of the day, and we'll reimburse the entire fee. But wait; there is more. We are so confident that we will also give you a $200 Gift card to offset your expense.


Your Success Mentor

Every high-performance individual and organization has a coach 

When it comes to Business and Ministry, there is a hard to fully describe feeling, of having a full supply. In other words, there is a freedom that comes from being able to secure your Family, Business, and Ministry needs. There is a freedom that comes with operating in all that God has designed you to be and to have.  


As a mentor and coach to many top Christian CEOs, I have helped them to establish and grow their organizations in the areas of business and/or ministry. As a Christian leader, there are many nuances and challenges that often can seem daunting.  


I have been in the C-level of many multi-million dollar companies ranging from Information Technology to Real Estate Sales and Development.  Having close to 30 years of experience, my executive background spans both domestic and international C-level business experiences, ranging from designing and launching startup ventures to corporate turnarounds. As an entrepreneur and corporate executive, I have worked for, acquired, built, and sold several businesses ranging from real estate and finance to information technology. One of the things that I learned very quickly is that there weren’t many who understood how to lead and conduct business consistent with biblical values.  


Over the years I have spent a lifetime curating the most successful strategies from the greatest book ever written, the Bible, as well as from the top brands, organizations, and influencers around the world. 


I desire to provide pragmatic and valuable Christ-centered TOOLS to help provide leverage and increase effectiveness and efficiency in any organization, whether business or ministry.


The systems and strategies, if you will, are out of the playbook of some of the GOATs. Greatest Of All Time.  From the best and brightest of top-performing ministries and businesses so that CLARITY and focus can come.  Often times as we focus on the mundane we forget about the mighty. The true purpose behind what you do and why.   It is truly my desire to help you gain the CONFIDENCE to not sin against your God given talent and ability.  We know that an equipped warrior is a confident warrior as we together take back territory for Christ.


My plan is simple, to provide so much value that it incites growth and cultivates ideas for breakthrough thinking and quantum leap transformation.

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