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Business Builders Bootcamp

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These Four Are the Biggest Predictors of Business Failure and How to Fix Them

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Discover the Four Critical Pitfalls That Predict Business Failure - And Turn Them Into Your Greatest Success!


Join the Exclusive Business Builders Bootcamp: Accelerate Your Success and Transform Your Business from Fragile to Agile!

Forget going to multiple workshops. Get all you need to fast-track, right here. Are you ready to take the leap from precarious to prosperous? The Business Builders Bootcamp is your definitive all-in-one, one-day Masterclass, meticulously engineered for the driven business owner in you. Whether you're kickstarting your venture, or rejuvenating your established brand, this bootcamp is your launchpad to not just success, but exceptional success.




         Hilton Phoenix Airport Hotel  

         2435 S. 47th St., Phoenix, AZ 85034

         (480) 894-1600


Time and Date 

Saturday, March 23, 2024

Registration at 7:00am

Starting @ 8:00 am, we will finish at approx. 3:30 pm 





K. Huntley
Doctor of Nursing

"It gave me direction and more clarity in which way to go.


What Others Are Saying 

W. Ronk

“It is real-world answers to business questions. 


 M. Davis
Life Insurance

I loved that Dr. Herndon did not hold back information in order to upsell me. All information was given up front to make me successful. 

V. Kill
Chef, Catering

"The teachings are crucial and a MUST. Not only will it inspire to make the right decisions, but to make the most life-changing decisions with your new business.


M. Sims
Massage Therapist

"LU has become the safety net, so if I fail, I have something to help catch me.


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Dr. Gene Herndon is a prolific bestselling author of 12 books including LeaderSHIFT.  He is also a mentor and coach to thousands of CEO’s and business leaders around the world, a senior pastor, conference speaker, and serial entrepreneur who has executive experience ranging from information technology to real estate. Dr. Gene is not only a thought leader but an industry disruptor and serial entrepreneur. Not a theorist, but a practitioner. currently sitting at the helm of a multimillion-dollar portfolio of organizations has allowed him to become highly familiar with the many nuances and challenges that often can seem daunting to today's business leaders.  

Frequently Asked Questions


You may be thinking to yourself: 


I’m too busy.

​”An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Benjamin Franklin


Yeah, but, will this be relevant to my industry?

The principles and keys you receive are not industry-specific, but success specific. 


Can I afford this?

We know that money is a precious resource. One idea that we will be sharing profited $18,240 in just a few months. While we can't guarantee that same result for you, by doing the quick math you can certainly see that there is a strong upside that makes this masterclass a great investment.  Also please review the guarantee that we do offer below. 


How is this different from other training?

This is not a personal development seminar (no sitting around the campfire hugging and finding yourself). It will be like an MBA in a day. This is a hard-hitting rapid-fire pragmatic Business training masterclass chocked full of leadership gold. The purpose is to take your productivity and business to the next level. 


Is my business too small for this?

Only if you want it to stay that way!

More Frequently Asked Questions (Click Here)



YES, I am personally offering a guarantee!

GUARANTEE: If by lunchtime, you don’t see how you can at least a 2x (double your income) you can hand in all your materials, excuse yourself for the remainder of the day, and we'll reimburse the entire fee. But wait; there is more. We are so confident that we will also give you a $200 Gift card to offset your expense.

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